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Generally our services fall into seven main areas. However any specialist work required can also be undertaken. This page just highlights the main services the vast majority of our clients require.

Accounts Preparation

This forms the bulk of our work. All the self employed need to have accounts prepared each year. Once the books and records are delivered to us you can rest assured that the accounts will be completed promptly and in compliance with all the applicable standards. At the same time we review the tax implications of any completed work to ensure all possible tax advantages have been claimed. Future tax planning is also considered and tailored to each clients needs.

Payroll & Auto Enrolment Services

Separate records must be kept of all payroll transactions. Each year the H M Revenue & Customs place greater compliance demands and as such most clients simply cannot cope with this time consuming task. For those clients who require it, we can keep all their payroll records, providing them with payslip’s and end of year returns and ensuring all relevant forms and notices are completed and submitted electronically by the due dates.

Every employer must now have work place pension so that all eligible employees are auto enrolled into a pension scheme. When an employer pays a salary it has to make the appropriate deductions and pay this to the pension provider together with its employer contribution. We can set up and handle all aspects of Auto Enrolment as part of our payroll services.


All payments made for labour in the construction industry must be done so under the CIS regulations. The financial penalties for non compliance can be very severe. We can maintain all the relevant paperwork ensuring all subcontractors are deducted the correct tax. providing each subcontractor with a monthly summary of the tax deducted on his behalf and the Contractors Monthly Returns are submitted by the due date.

Management Information

We can provide our clients with all the financial management information they require in order for them to monitor their business and assess its performance. This can take the form of management accounts, budgets or cash flow forecasts. Timely and good management information is a vital tool for highlighting potential problems, that may exist, at an early stage, thus providing our clients with the information in order to make any policy decisions.


All registered traders will receive a notification to submit a VAT return every three months. This needs to be completed and submitted by within one month and seven days. This can cause major disruption as resources are used to complete this task on time. We can complete your VAT return for you ensuring you are never late, provided the records are given to us when requested. All registered traders will receive the dreaded VAT visit at some time, you can rest assured if we have been preparing your returns you will hold no fears in this respect as we will be there on hand to deal with any queries which are raised.

Tax Investigations

The H M Revenue & Customs are placing ever increasing demands on the self employed by increased red tape and compliance provisions. This can be very worrying since anyone can be selected at random for an investigation. Even though you have done nothing wrong and all disclosures have been made correctly and on time you may still be selected. As the H M Revenue & Customs are spending more resources on investigations the number of investigations has been steadily growing which means the risk of being singled out is now greater. Accountants receive no formal training in dealing with the Revenue in respect of such investigations. If faced with an investigation you should seek the services of an Accountant with extensive experience in this field as his knowledge gained over the years will be invaluable when fighting your corner.

We have over 20years experience in dealing with H M Revenue & Customs investigations and we provide our clients with piece of mind knowing it is in our hands from start to finish. We deal with the Revenue & Customs direct and our clients need not be in contact with them during the investigation as we handle all aspects of the investigation keeping our clients informed of the progress.

General Tax Services

This is the invisible work we do as some cases there is no final paperwork. During the accounts preparation we take a wider view of our client, their past present and future plans. All this is done with the aim to advise them of their future tax liability and direct them in respect of any pitfalls and possible advantages. In most cases action by the client is not required but if it is we will keep them fully informed explaining to them in plain language so they can understand. Our job is not to insist to our clients they must or must not do something but we are here to guide them as to what we feel they should do and explain to them why and what that means.

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