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The H M Revenue & Customs are placing greater demands on the self employed by increased red tape and compliance provisions. This can be very worrying since anyone can be selected at random for an investigation. Even though you may have done nothing wrong and all disclosures have been made correctly and on time you can still be selected. As the H M Revenue & Customs are spending more resources on investigations the number of investigations has been steadily growing which means the risk of being singled out is now greater. This is one of the main reasons that all the self employed need to maintain adequate records so that proof of financial transactions is readily available in the event of an investigation. Accountants receive no formal training in dealing with the Revenue in respect of such investigations. If faced with an investigation you should seek the services of an Accountant with extensive experience in this field as his knowledge gained over the years will be invaluable when fighting your corner.

We have over 20 years experience in dealing with H M Revenue & Customs investigations. We provide our clients with piece of mind knowing it is in our hands from start to finish. We deal with the H M Revenue & Customs direct and our clients need not be in contact with them during the investigation as we handle all aspects of the investigation keeping our clients informed of the progress.

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